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RX Radio's Olive: I would let my husband have a side dish if he asked for my permission

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has said she would allow her husband or partner to have a side dish/another woman if he asked for her consent before starting the relationship.

While on The Fatboy Show on Tuesday, the two presenters, Olive and Fatboy aka James Onen discussed celebrity gossip in which singer GNL Zamba revealed that his wife gave him permission to choose a black chocolate African girl as his side dish.

"I would also actually be willing to allow my husband to have a temporary side partner as long as I’m included in the process of choosing her. The problem is if he is out there having sex with different women without my knowledge," she said.

FatBoy said women that do not pay much attention to infidelity have more chances of their marriages surviving than the jealous protective partners.

"If you want your marriage to survive focus on other things than what your husband is doing outside your marriage because men will always want to have some fresh women. Sometimes having the same partner over the years gets boring and to spice it up, some partners agree to have a temporary side relationship and it seems to work," Fatboy said.

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