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RX Radio’s Olive: DNA testing should be normalised at birth

RX Radio presenter of the famous FatBoy Show Olive Najjuma has intimated that DNA testing should be made mandatory to avoid family wrangles and disappointments that come with raising the wrong child or children born out of the mother’s adulterous sex escapades.

"At every birth, the DNA of the baby should be confirmed with the fathers to avoid disappointments. Imagine investing in a child financially and emotionally only to find out they are not yours? DNA would even enable parents to avoid taking home the wrong children as a result of being switched at birth," Olive said on today’s show.

Her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy added that DNA should be normalized since men have been duped overtime by women who cheat, conceive, and let the husbands raise other men’s children!

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The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy and Oliver Najjuma every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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