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RX Radio’s Olive: A Broke man has no business dating

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has said men who do not have money or are still figuring their lives out should not have any businesses dating because they can’t afford it anyway.

Najjuma said that a man who has no job and can’t afford to take care of himself later on a woman, can’t afford a date of as low as Shs 20,000 should not waste his time trying to date any woman because women naturally desire to be pampered and were made to be given.

“If a man has some money, he should treat his woman in a special way and if you don’t have it and are even struggling with your own basics, you have no business dating in the first place,” she said during the Thursday Fatboy.

Najjuma was responding to recent comments by pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries who recently fired back at his critics for castigating him because he bought his girlfriend a bra of 2 million shillings and told them to make money and spend on their women.

Her co-host, James Onen aka Fatboy noted that as a man, he also loves to spend on his woman but only if he feels like she deserves it.

“But if a woman feels entitled that I should give her money and yet she is not putting anything on the table, there, I adamantly refuse to give,” he refused.

In regards to Pastor Bujingo’s recent sermons, Fatboy joked that Bujingo’s church will soon get filled with new women attendees because women love to hear from a man who supports the idea that women should be given money.

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