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RX Radio partners with DSTV to support local film and TV industry

RX Radio, a newly established online radio station based in Uganda has partnered with DSTV Uganda to support the film industry in a move aimed at promoting local content.

RX Radio today Monday premiered the show, Filmscope UG wit DSTV Uganda, which will be a feature on The Fatboy Show, dedicated to celebrating Ugandan film and television talent as well giving daily updates on the latest developments, offers and programmes at DSTV Uganda.

James Onen aka Fatboy, the host of the show and the proprietor of the radio will be talking to the different players in the film and television industry especially those behind shows that are airing on DSTV Pearl Magic prime to discuss their journey into the creative industry, challenges and opportunities.

Colin Asiimwe, the Head of Marketing Multichoice Uganda while on Monday's The Fatboy Show explained that the reason they are partnering with media platforms like RX Radio is to create more channels through which the African stories can be told by Africans.

“We have been supporting African content for 25 years, we have also been in revenue collection, getting people to pay for great content for the same time. We must tell our stories because we understand us better and that’s where we have swift comparative advantage against other film makers let’s say from Europe. And the market for this local content is there because Africans, particularly Ugandans want to see their own stories reflected on the screen. But also, if people that we have backed, they will get to a global stage and create impact in their communities and the country at large which is what we are all aiming at,” he said.

On how FilmScope will impact the industry, Asiimwe said; “Not only will the testimonies inspire other people to pick interest in the creative industry but it will also create exposure for the industry. For example, UCC recently announced a Content Development Support Fund Program where they have put funds aside to support local content development. If such a project is given exposure, it will help our people in creating quality content that is accepted globally.”

Fatboy on his part noted that Uganda’s creative industry does not usually receive the support it deserves yet they are producing some great content that a lot of people never get to know about because they don’t know about it.

“Apart from being a radio proprietor, I am a creative person that loves to see creativity in people. I appreciate the fact that we in the creative sector do not get enough support. I wanted to create a platform that gives the attention and visibility this industry deserves,” Fatboy said.

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The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy and Oliver Najjuma every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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