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RX Radio Olive: President Museveni can’t choose between Hon Kadaga and Hon Oulanyah

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has said the Presdient of Uganda Yoweri Museveni who is also a leader of the National Resistent Movement (NRM) Party cannot take a side in the speakership race between the two NRM contenders, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Deputy Speaker Oulanyah because it would expose the NRM to a potential loss.

The President Yesterday called for a halt in the campaigns for speaker and deputy speaker in the NRM Party saying the Central Executive Committee will resolve the issue. The president had earlier summoned the two race contenders to State House Entebbe over the chaotic nature of campaigns for the election of speaker which is due in May.

While on Wednesday’s The Fatboy Show, Olive’s co-host James Onen aka Fatboy had suggested that the president should choose one of the contenders and endorse them and ask one of them to step down from the speakership in order to end the already chaotic division that is happening in the NRM Party because of the speakership race.

“The president, being the leader of NRM has the power to stop this situation from getting worse. He must have a favourite already. He should ask one of them to step down from the race to protect the party,” Fatboy said.

In response, Olive noted that the President cannot ask any of the two to step down because he is scared of losing the speakership to another candidate from a different party.

“There are other contenders for the speakership from other parties like Hon Ibrahim Semujju Nganda from FDC. If either Kadaga or Oulanyah leaves the race, there will be a vacuum which may be filled by a candidate from the opposition, President Museveni cannot let that happen,” she said.

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