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President Museveni on RX Radio: Elections will be free, fair and peaceful

As Ugandans get ready to go out and cast their votes this week on Thursday 14th 2021, The President of Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni who is also a presidential aspirant in the upcoming election has assured Ugandans of peace and security during and after the elections.

There have been fears amongst Ugandans of possible violence during and after this coming general election. In November last year, more than 50 people lost their lives when chaotic demonstrations broke out in Kampala and other parts of Uganda following the arrest of one of the presidential candidates, Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine.

However, while appearing on RX Radio Tuesday morning, President Museveni reassured Ugandans that there will be no violence whatsoever and if there is, the security organs are well prepared to control it.

“I urge all Ugandans to go out on Thursday 14th January and vote. I can assure you that the election will be free fair and secure. Whoever wants to cause chaos will be dealt with accordingly. I also urge you all to go out and vote the old man with the hut because I have experience and come from a strong party that has consistently enabled Uganda to grow both economically and socially.’’

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