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Politics Has Been Both Interesting And Challenging -Hon. Joyce Bagala, Woman MP, Mityana District

Having spent one year and a half in active politics, Hon. Joyce Bagala shares her experience with Crystal Newman on the Groove show on RX Radio, describing it as challenging but also rewarding.

The journalist turned politician spent her first year as Member of Parliament battling an election petition by lands Minister Hon Judith Nabakooba challenging her victory as the elected Woman Member of Parliament for Mityana District.

“When you hold campaigns and win an election, you are happy. But in my experience, I spent a full year in court. The case stressed me, but eventually, I won. It gives me happiness to be the Mityana Woman representative but also, I’m challenged by the love people have shown me in Mityana and in Uganda,” Hon. Bagala said.

She expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support on social media but also acknowledged that it demanded her hard work to not disappoint her people.

Ms. Bagala disclosed that the demands for the job are also high sometimes feels terrible when she cannot help someone in need.

“Times are really hard. In Mityana’s villages of kikandwa, kalangala, Namutamba, Busujju, and everywhere else, and find that people there are very poor. The climate changes are also very severe, so expect famine in Mityana and other parts of the country.” Hon. Bagala explained.

Adding, “Most people expect an MP to solve their issues which may not be possible, and you can’t convince them otherwise. When single/ divorced or HIV-positive mothers come to you for help with school fees. You are already looking after so many children and don't know how to convince her that you can’t help her,” she said.

As an MP, she recognized the need to help others but also the impossibility of helping them all. “It is very hurting. sometimes when I go home to sleep and I remember I wasn't able to help someone, it really disturbs me a lot,” said the Honorable.

Nonetheless, she said representing her constituency has been both exciting and rewarding. To her, it is the small things like messages of gratitude that give her fulfillment from her work.

“A few days back, someone called me from my home village at Nakibanga Parish in Butebi village. He had lost a child and I wasn’t able to go to the burial. So I sent the family some little money as condolences, very little compared to what I usually give. But this guy called me to express his gratitude, it really touched my heart,” she said.

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