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People Need To Understand That They Can Never Have A Perfect Life - Psychotherapist

Many people are familiar with the idiom ‘life is not a bed of roses’. But a few are fully aware of its context.

Today on the Groove Cafe, Crystal Newman hosted a psychotherapist, mental health practitioner and team lead at MindVerse mental health consultancy firm, Atukunda Haggai Katson, who explained that it is important for people to recognise the impossibility of living a perfect life.

Before creating the MindVerse consultancy firm, Atukunda says that he used to work as a therapist. He realized that there was nobody who had everything that they needed.

“I don't think there’s anybody in the world who wakes up and is able to tick off a list of all their needs. That shows that it's natural to lack. Of course, there are some things that you lack when they are your responsibility to have and you need to take accountability for lacking them, but people need to appreciate that there will always be things against you, it will reduce the amount of worry, stress and anxiety,” said Atukunda.

He added, “If you understand that you don't have something, and analyze why, then you'll have a more structured way to understand the things happening in your life and you'll make a more structured plan to achieve what you want.”

He further explained that sometimes a person may not have control over the things happening in their lives.For example an employee who works according to decisions made by the employer. However, he said that, it doesn't imply that one should suffer because the things are out of their control.

Crystal in addition reasoned that people have to get time to reflect on what's happening in their lives.

The physiotherapist argued that sometimes a person may not have the time and tools to do so since work consumes over 70 percent of people’s time.

“You might want to do that but then, you have a 9am-5pm job, a side hustle and family. So you realize that the time you have for yourself is when you sleep. I’m not saying this to discourage people, I am just talking about the reality of the lives we live. And through understanding that reality, we devise means on how to manipulate and make it work for us because we are slaves of our lives,” he explained.

Mr.Atukunda Haggai Katson is a social worker who worked with Butabika Hospital for four years as a mental health practitioner. He then founded MindVerse, a mental health consultancy firm that supports organizations, groups and individuals to create systems that help them overcome mental health challenges in both their professional and personal lives.

Currently focusing on the formal sector, people in the entertainment industry, media, financial and health sectors are at a high risk of mental breakdowns. Mr. Atukunda said that he is organizing a mental health awareness event for the media Industry on 26th May at Victoria University auditorium.

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