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Pearl Magic Prime Has Done So Much to Uplift the Movie Industry.

Commercial Model and Actress Gloria Nakazzi, has praised television platforms such as Pearl Magic Prime for promoting Ugandan movie content that has in turn provided sustainable careers for actors and actresses.

The actress, in an interview with Fatboy during the Filmscope segment, revealed that after casting in ‘The Hostel’, she and other young people from East Africa created the Maisha Mashariki, an online content platform. However, the platform turned out to be a flop with a limited number of followers and viewers.

Fortunately, resources provided by Multi-choice and Pearl Magic Prime have enabled the actress and Ugandan film industry at large to score a lot within a short period.

“These platforms have taken us from stage one to stage one hundred in a very short period because it has opened the way for new series where people have been employed and enabled to showcase their acting abilities.”

Earlier this year, Nakazzi wrote a screenplay for a feature film that she is confident will be shown on Pearl Magic and Pearl Magic Prime and relatively bigger audiences.

She is also an activist and the former Miss Tourism for Buganda between 2015-2016, she has featured in various Television series such as the Hostel, the Honorables and False dreams all showing on Pearl Magic and P.earl Magic Prime on DSTv.

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