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Pastor Ssempa: I’m Not Against Bugingo, I Am Against His Doctrine

For months now, it is no secret that Pastor Martin Ssempa is one of the biggest non-supporters of Pastor Bugingo’s divorce. Ssempa appeared on The Fatboy Show today morning to frown on Bugingo’s choices, whom he considers an embarrassment to the Christan fraternity.

The Pastor said that whereas he has nothing against Bugingo as a person, he is against his doctrine. He described Bugingo as one who speaks a lot, unable to keep confidence, a betrayer, a show-off, a seeker of female sympathy and a confused individual.

“I don't have much time for him but what bothers me is his doctrine. Bugingo’s preaching is one that abuses the institution of marriage by stating that you can abandon your wife when you find another one, that it's wrong to have a wedding ring, that it's easy to get out of a marriage and how it’s unnecessary to make vows. That you can actually diss your wife live on television and get a new girlfriend. And even if everyone tells you what you're doing is wrong, continue doing it with impunity.”

Ssempa added ,“So it's this doctrine that I contest because as a pastor, I am strong on championing marriage and faithfulness. I've had to contest what I see as a grotesque devaluation of Christianity, the institution of marriage and the esteem of pastors. That explains why I've been vocal and keep on calling him to repent and do the right thing.”

Olive Najjuma, the show’s Co-host, while citing the reasons Pastor Bugingo gave as a reason to seek divorce, the major one being that he got married to first wife Teddy Naluswa because of circumstances and not because he was in love, asked the Pastor why his comrade preacher isn't given the liberty to make his choices with ease like other pastors who have got divorced before.

However, Pastor Ssempa replied that there are society laws that have to abided by which are indifferent to marriage covenants. “When you make an agreement and later make complaints that the breasts of your wife are no longer as sharp as when I met her, that's nonsense. That is not how we run society, maturity is making a commitment and keeping it.”

Fatboy, wondering why Pastor Sempa and other critics dragged Bugingo to court, asked why this particular incidence of his divorce is being made a big ideal yet divorces are a usual occurrence and not restrained to status.

“True, relationships run into difficulty and people run into sin but the response differs because when the archbishop fell in sexual sin, he repented of it. But what Bugingo did was to downtrod Christian values, abusing his wife and then he pathetically went on to broadcast his traditional criminal act to the whole world on his tv station. He should have done those silly things in a secret way but now he wants to go ahead to convince others that what he was doing was right.”

He went on to say that Pastor Bugingo was not a man of dignity in seeking to restore credibility to Christainity and marriage. “He must be shown for what he is because he's a miserable, quizzly, wife-bashing embarrassment to all men,” Ssempa lashed out.

Pastor Bugingo, the Senior Pastor at House of Prayer Ministries wedded Teddy Naluswa in 2003 at Victory Christian Center. However, in 2019, the Pastor sought divorce saying that his wife was disrespectful to him. On 7th December 2021, Bugingo reportedly had a traditional marriage to his new catch Suzan Makula. This sparked the interest of city lawyers Male Mabirizi and Robert Rutaro Muhaiwe who sued him for for bigamy.

The case’s first hearing took place on Friday 21st January and is to be heard in February with its matters to be handled by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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