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Opportunities Knock Once, Once You See One, Grab It- Amito Sonya, Financial adviser

Entrepreneur and financial adviser Amito Sonia advised entrepreneurs to take up the opportunities before them no matter how risky they may seem.

The real estate owner Amito Sonia, 27, is in charge of accounts and administration at La banor Bistro. In an interview with Crystal Newman on the Groove Cafe, narrated that joining the real estate business was such a risky move to take but also one that has yielded fruit.

“When I got into real estate, it wasn't because I had the money but it was just an opportunity that came by and I told myself I had to take this good debt, and it paid off,” she said.

“It's not about having the finances to invest in something big. If you have the knowledge of how to manage it you're good to go. Because opportunities just knock once and they go.So, you have to grab it at that point it will pass by,” Amito said.

Amito narrated that after spotting an opportunity of setting up rentals in downtown Kampala, she aimed at acquiring the debt to have plans met even though she had self doubt at first.

I said to myself, “you know what Sonia, you're going to do this.”

And when I got the debt and put up the shops, I closed my eyes and knew that one year would be a year of struggling. But after that year, you reap what you sow. And this opened my eyes to financial literacy.

According to her, everyone could start a good investment as long as they know how to plan, budget and will run it. But most importantly, one must have the discipline in paying the debt.

Amito describes herself as aggressive and one who sets out to complete a task she lays a hand at. She attributed this to yearly resolutions and goals divided into weekly and monthly targets, saying that she only rests when they are done on top of keeping track.

As a mum of two and one with different roles to play on a daily basis, the accountant accredited her support system, family and her husband.

Amito holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Makerere University, ACCA, Certificate in Taxation and Revenue Administration, and she is currently pursuing CFA.(Chartered Financial Analyst) course.

She has worked in several organisations as an accountant, financial manager and strategic business development planner. She also describes herself as a foodie partly as the reason she works at La Banor Bistro.

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