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Omara Daniel: Rihanna Isn't Immune To Getting Cheated On

Shocking rumours circulated on the internet on Friday following allegations that American rapper Rocky ASAP had cheated on the world’s richest female artist and music icon Rihanna who’s currently pregnant with their first child.

The rumours were first posted on Thursday by Fashion blogger Louis Pisano spreading like wildfire on social media especially twitter, where fans expressed their shock and disappointment in Rihanna’s boyfriend Rocky ASAP. Many accused the rapper of being cold hearted to cheat on the pregnant RiRi with her friend and shoe designer Amina Muaddi.

Wondering what the uproar was for, RX Radio and Hear Me Out Presenter Daniel Omara protested the claim that Rihannah is too beautiful and rich to be cheated on saying that like any other ordinary woman, she wasn't exempted from being cheated on.

“She is not too fly to get cheated on. She isn't the first person to get cheated on during pregnancy. Its bad and could end in a tricky way, but when your first argument is that, ‘who would dare cheat on Rihanna, bruv, basically you're categorising some people as pedestal simply by virtue of their looks which is not how the world works,”Daniel explained.

He went on to say that beautiful white women such as Marilyn Monroe have ever lived but died, Lisa left eye the hottest woman in TLC also died in a car crash plus Aaliyah who despite their beauty all died. That being so, he inferred that good looking people die, get cheated on and experience life challenges just like other average human beings.

“Am not saying that Rihanna is a bad person, I am just saying that she is not immune to being cheated on. You don't become immune to getting treated badly because you're a good person or by acting like one. This doesn't in any way make you vulnerable to all these things,” he said

However, he condemned cheating saying it is wrong and unjustifiable regardless of the gender of the partner that does it.

“Cheating is wrong, I’d prefer that you don't do it especially if you find a partner who's reliable and caters for you. Maybe this could be ASAP’s response to one of Rihana’s earlier songs, unfaithful, and he could argue that she started it. But don't cheat on people. You're cheating on a pregnant woman, who is dealing with the hormones of herself and the baby and enduring this madness, adding that stress factor in her bro is beyond levels of evil.”

“ASAP has a history of cheating. People will change partners but not patterns. So if y'all thought that because it's now Rihanna, that he’s going to stay faithful because of her net worth, her money, talent and beauty. Let’s stop acting like Rihanna is some kind of celestial being that fell from the stars and shouldn't experience evil, this is just life,” said Daniel on the Saturday show.

He further warned people to be careful when choosing partners. Having known a person’s history and deciding whether to settle with them should be a decision that one makes and also be ready to face the outcomes.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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