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Olive: You're Not A Father If You Don't Take Care Of Your Child

As the number of men abandoning their fatherly responsibilities increases, the number of single mothers also hikes.

Discussing why many men are increasingly deserting responsibility for their actions leaving the burden of raising children to the mothers, Olive Najjuma said fathers can only be recognized by their actions.

"You're not a father if you are not taking care of your child," Olive emphasized.

Olive said whereas there could be father figures in a child's life, a father should be the first dad figure in their child's life.

James Onen, in response, said society only encourages men to produce children but not to sire them.

He thought that if society encouraged men to take responsibility for their actions, many women would be levied off the burden of raising children alone.

"For men, it's like a mark of success to bear children. It doesn't matter if they are starving in the village as long as you have them, you can hold your chest forward, thump it and be like 'am a man’," he said.

Fatboy argued that society acclaims men for having children but does not care whether they take on their responsibilities.

Commenting on the topic, a contributor to the show, Mrisho, said society has contributed to the trend of men wanting to be fathers but not dads.

"Sometimes parents pressurize their sons for children even if they are unprepared. So they will also impregnate a woman to get it off themselves and ably tell their parents that they have a child even if they don’t take care of it," he said.

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