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Olive: Women Should Move In With Their Partners After Marriage

During the honeymoon phase of most relationships, partners decide to move in together so as to enjoy more of each other's company.

However, while debating the question of when partners should move in together, The Fatboy Show presenter Olive Najjuma proposed that women should only move in after getting legally married.

According to Olive, when a man moves in with his partner, chances of making the marriage legal become very minimal because “why pay for a cow when getting milk free?”

But her co-host James Onen famously known as Fatboy wondered whether there isnt credit to the argument that when a guy asks his spouse to move in, they are regarding them important and the next step is convincing him that she qualifies as a life partner since that is the time children are born, one where the partners have lived with each other long enough to take things to another level.

“And you're living as a married couple! Do you know that people cohabit for over 10,15,20 years. Women even start calling themselves by the names of the men yet legally they have never been married. A great case is Olive Kigongo,” said Olive.

“Everyone knew her as Kigongo but imagine the surprise when the couple was in court trying to separate and get property distributed and the man was like’ you're not my wife’ and everyone was shocked because they thought the two were married. But it all starts with staying together, you are cohabiting, having children. So my argument is, don't move in, wait for him to propose and then move in as a wife,” she added.

Fatboy then asked her what the time frame should be before moving in to which she responded that a year should be enough. However Fatboy thought moving in would kill the romance.

“I say never. Why spoil the romance by moving in? You don't want to see his dirty boxers and him scratching his bum and all that kind of stuff. So it's better to live separately and then make plans to meet up, spend a weekend together and you each spend the rest of your week focusing on your own life,” Fatboy reasoned.

But Olive asked Fatboy for how long this would be to which he answered that, “forever”.Olive said that this can be so if marriage is not in the mind of both partners but if so, something has to be done.

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