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Olive: Women Need To Stop Playing Small At Competitive Opportunities

The Fatboy Show presenter Olive Najjuma has expressed discontentment towards Speaker Anita Among’s rejection to occupy her new office on the 6th floor of parliament claiming that she will have continuous memories of the late Jacob Oulanya who died while still serving.

In her opinion, Olive said that Hon. Among’s decision was not only bizarre but also annoying. She explained that women have for long fought for gender equality in all sectors including at workplaces but it is unfortunate that the speaker downplayed her potential.

“Women say that they have fought so much in the pit with men. Here you are occupying one of the most important positions in the country but you refuse to take up the office because of superstitions!” Olive said in concern.

“If it were a man, he would have taken up the office. Women need to stop playing small. To me, the speaker played small in this case.” she added

James Onen, popularly known as Fatboy, the co-host of the show contended that maybe the speaker had her goodluck charms placed in the Deputy Speaker’s office that kept her attached to it or she thought that something superstitious might have happened in the Speaker’s office.

“Someone might feel that a certain office is cursed. If someone died while in that office, perhaps Among may believe that it is cursed because there are no clear reports on the cause of the late speaker's death. Would you be surprised if someone thought that there could have been something supernatural that occurred in it?” Fatboy asked Olive.

In her response, Olive said that although she couldn’t dispute any person of that opinion,the office has to be occupied.

Hon. Anita Among was elected Speaker of Parliament on Thursday 25th March 2022, scooping 401 votes against her opponent Asuman Basalirwa who got 66 votes.

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