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Olive: Women Can Take Nudes Just For Sheer Admiration Of Their Bodies

During The Fatboy Show on Thursday morning, Olive Najjuma defended that finding nudes in a woman’s phone might not necessarily mean that they are being taken for someone outside the relationship.

This was during a debate on whether partners should freely check each other’s phones since they share even more exclusive things.

James Onen, the co-host of the show said that he understands why sometimes partners may not want to share their phones because they contain nasty or “sneaky” information.

He narrated that back in the days, his girlfriend and him were having a good time, goofing around, when she decided to show him some funny memes on her phone. She scrolled over two funny ones and eventually slid in her nude which had never been sent to Fatboy.

Olive then said,“But do you know that it's just a thing women do out of sheer admiration for their bodies? When I am standing in the mirror and I like what I see, I can take a picture. It's extra if I have to sit down and take pictures of places that the sun never sees. But if they are mirror pictures, it's more likely they are just for me.”

Olive, also a non-advocate for checking or sharing a phone with a partner, said that phones are personal and that even if someone is in a relationship, they are entitled to a certain level of privacy.

“I believe in setting boundaries in a relationship and if I give you my phone freely, it's okay but when you wait for me to sleep and then you try to get my fingerprint and get into my phone without permission that's too much.

But Fatboy insisted that the fact that a partner wouldn't want to freely share their phone with the other or to allow them check through it proves that they are hiding something and aren't to be trusted. He however concluded that it's a decision both partners have to agree on if they are both okay with sharing or checking each other’s phones.

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