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Olive: Why Is The Government Not Doing Anything About The Hunger In Karamoja?

A presenter of The Fatboy Show, Olive Najjuma, has expressed dismay over the drought in Karamoja that has forced residents to turn to eat termites to survive.

She and James Onen a.k.a Fatboy, found it distressing for a resource-rich region like Karamoja with heavy government occupation to see its people battle insecurity and hunger without any serious government intervention.

“What is being taken to this region? We are taking their gold and other resources but not giving anything back," Olive complained.

In the Teso region, several families use grass and local tree roots known as Ekoboi in Ateso to trap termites they wash and fry before cooking and serving to their families.

According to Jino Meri, the Kaabong district chairperson, some residents are crossing to Kenya to join Refugee camps to get some food to eat.

Olive said, “the President has been in the region for about 6 days and has threatened to curb cattle rustling. But no one has been talking about the food. The other day they were telling him about people with nodding disease syndrome that has made some brain damaged due to a lack of rehabilitation centers.”

She inferred that same the government laxity has led to secessions in some countries something that could happen in Uganda. “Am not condoning it, but isn't this how rebel groups start? Some people may grow to feel that the government doesn't care about their welfare, then they start killing investors because they want to secede.”

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