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Olive: Why Do Women End Relationships?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 50 percent of marriages in the US end in divorces and 80 percent of relationships are ended by women.

To understand why women end relationships, The Fatboy Show presenters James Onen aka Fatboy and Olive Najjuma attempted to give remedies that could save a dying relationship.

Fatboy said that a few things lure a man into deciding to make a woman his girlfriend which most times she will do at the beginning and when the relationship becomes serious, she suddenly stops doing them.

“Let's say you're a guy and maybe you're not committing to anyone. You are just carrying on with whoever seems nice enough and then among those people arises someone who seems different. She shows greater concern for your wellbeing, she's more homely, cooks for you and typically a guy will be impressed and he starts dating her but then, guess what? She stops doing all those things. She stops being as intimate as she was with you at the beginning!” Fatboy explained.

In her opinion, Olive reasoned that women and men always do something to impress each other at the beginning of a relationship. “For example if a man is trying to entice a woman, he is going to be available, he’s going to call numerous times to check on her, giving her money and what not. Now when he gets her, he stops doing all those things yet the woman is already used to that lifestyle.”

So how then how does a couple spice up a dying relationship? According to Fatboy, couples should continue to do what they used to at the start of a relationship because that’s what made it interesting although he complained that women need constant elevation of activities to be pleased.

“For example, if I took her to Cafe Javas this Friday, next time, when I say let's go to Javas she’ll be like yiiyi…and then before you know it, you have taken her to all the places where your budget will allow you. Later, she starts feeling like she deserves better and now will switch her attention to a guy who can take her to Serena,” said Fatboy.

However, Olive insisted that, “but it's the same thing. If in the beginning she was cooking simple 5 minute meals, at some point you will need her to improve her cooking skills to give you a five star feeling at home and that takes effort. So couples should keep doing the things they used to or even better. If you used to give her money, please don't stop, check on her and take her out every now and then.”

She further encouraged couples not to do things at the beginning that they cannot keep up with to please their partners and later on prove that it was a fraud because it gives dubious expectations of what the partner thinks they will get from the other.

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