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Olive: Why Attack People Who Decide To Bleach Their Skin?

During The Fatboy Show today, Presenter Olive Najjuma has stung back at critics who have criticized the Deputy Speaker Anita Among for allegedly lightening her skin complexion.

On social media, people made fun of the Deputy Speaker, creating before and after memes with her images, whereas others expressed their displeasure saying that she was embarrassing herself and her position.

Among first came under attack in May last year right after she was appointed Deputy Speaker when Comedian Hannington Bugingo posted a tweet that said, “Congrats AAA, [Anita Annet Among], We pray that you use your new office to empower our daughters, sisters, wives to love themselves the way they are. If you don’t love yourself and who you are, who will love you or them? #BleachingEndsWithYou.”

However, Olive disagreed with their views saying, “Changing your skin color may not be your cup of tea but why are you taking it so personal to the level of attacking her? Is she delivering? In my opinion, I think she is kicking it in Parliament,” Olive defended.

The Presenter made the comments while speaking about the recovery of Among’s superior, the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah. Oulanyah was flown out to Seattle USA on February 3rd for specialized treatment of an undisclosed illness and it has since been confirmed that he is steadily recovering.

Concerned members of the public and those from the National Unity Platform attacked the Government for facilitating costs of 500,000 dollars towards the Speaker’s transportation arguing that the sum could have instead been used to construct an upstander hospital than on the life of one person.

Similarly, the Presenters stressed that they were obliged to know the health status of the Speaker since his travel expenses came from the coffers of the taxpayer’s money.

“I'm glad that the Speaker is feeling better because I never wished him death or anything. But why aren’t they telling us what he is suffering from?” wondered Olive.

Fatboy responded, “On one hand I feel like it’s his personal information but if at the same time we are paying for it, then we deserve to know. Because there hasn't been a conversation on who is paying for the treatment, hospital stay, the drugs and procedures. Who is footing that bill? It's definitely us,” he assured.

However, the Democratic Party President Nobert Mao came out to the defense of the Speaker in the wake of criticism from NUP members who were demonstrating against the exorbitant costs that covered transportation of the Speaker to the US. Mao said that public officials are entitled to specialized treatment if their conditions are complicated, showing that NUP leaders and supporters were not being honest in their attacks on the Speaker.

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