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Olive: Where Do Taxes Go If Even Drainage Systems Aren’t Constructed To Standard

The Fatboy Show presenters Olive Najjuma and James Onen aka Fatboy expressed dismay over the unfortunate incidents in Kabale where a drainage channel constructed by the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is causing rainwater to flood people’s homes.

Residents of Igabiro cell in Kabale Municipality are spending sleepless nights emptying rainwater from their houses after UNRA and Kabale municipal authorities constructed a drainage channel to drain water from the former Kabale municipal cemetery, accommodating the Mwanjari business center.

The council relocated vendors to pave the way for the redevelopment of the Kabale central market. It constructed the drainage channel crossing the Kabale - katuna road to Igabiro cell after complaints about water flooding.

Ever since the construction of the system, residents of Igabiro cell have been crying out to UNRA and the municipal council over water flooding their homes since the beginning of the rainy season in vain. UNRA and the municipal council allegedly told residents that they received compensation during the construction of the Kabale -Katuna road.

“So what point are they trying to make? Does the drainage channel have to go through people's homes because they were compensated?" Olive wondered

Additionally, Fatboy reasoned that the concerned authorities must have foreseen the consequences of constructing the drainage channel and should have established measures to prevent the drainage from forcing water into people’s homes.

Olive rationed that the projects usually take a significant amount of time, including planning until construction happens.

“These kinds of projects are usually big budget projects. You would think that since they take a long time in construction, they have the best engineer on board after their research. Why should water flow in homes yet people don't live in swamps? Where does the money go?"Olive asked.

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