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Olive: We Need To Cautiously Post Our Whereabouts On Social Media

Following the assassination of James Kakooza, the Kamwokya parish councilor on Sunday morning while he jogged, The Fatboy Show presenter Olive Najjuma has cautioned the public against posting their private lives and routines online.

In the preliminary findings, police yesterday discovered that the assailants took advantage of the deceased’s daily updates on social media about his jogging routine, to follow and murder him.

Police, therefore, warned the public about the dangers of posting their routine activities or whereabouts on social media because the information could be used to harm or rob them.

In a comment on the police warning, Olive Najjuma, supportively said that even though the police’s job is to protect people, there’s potential harm in posting one’s whereabouts on social media.

“It's the police’s job to protect us but even in countries with great security, such incidents still occur. That's why celebrities go an extra mile to hire private security guards or keep their places of residence private to avoid such tragedies,” Olive said.

“Imagine this, you post your child in a school uniform on social media, showing their school badge and their names! If they are kidnapped tomorrow, you cry?” she wondered.

James Onen alias Fatboy, a co-presenter of the show acknowledged the potential harm posed by posting about their private routine but also wondered whether getting one’s life off social media doesn’t defy the essence of social media.

“Doesn’t that rob you of the experience of social media? Because social media is about telling people about your fun activities. For example, when you hang out with friends, usually people take pictures to show how they enjoyed their time. And now, doing that alerts killers to find you?” He asked Olive who responded positively.

She said that sometimes assailants take advantage of the information for their motives since it's somewhat impossible for one to know their enemies.

Hence, she opined it is better to post about events and activities after they are done to protect themselves against potential harm.

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