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Olive: We Can’t Balme The US For Extending Their Ebola Support To Private Agencies

Despite the Health Ministry’s outcry for direct funding, the US has turned a deaf ear and is extending the funds through agencies arguing that previously, the Ministry mishandled the funds to support unrelated projects.

Addressing the media yesterday, Natalie Brown, the US Ambassador to Uganda, established that the US has already extended 22.3 million dollars (83 billion shillings) to the fight against Ebola.

The funds were received by agencies such as Baylor Uganda, which was allocated 5.5 million dollars to fund alert management, contact tracing, and training laboratory staff on infection prevention and control.

3.8 million US Dollars has been given to the Infectious Disease Institute to ensure emergency medical services and support dignified burials. Additionally, 6.4 million US Dollars were given to UN agencies, such as the World Health Organization and UNICEF, for coordination, waste management, supporting survivors, and community engagement.

“This is where we as a country are losing because government officials have got us to this level,” said Olive Najjuma, The Fatboy Show presenter. She argued that the country would have used the money to improve the health sector, but now it is going into the hands of private organizations.

Although it is unfortunate, Daniel Omara, the Co-host of the show, noted that donors can't be blamed for extending funds through their agencies, such as UNICEF, WHO, and Baylor Uganda, claiming that the government has proved to be unworthy of their trust from managing previous funds.

“The money has been misused. These things of tents of 20 billion being blown away by the wind,” he said.

Olive said the dispensation of the money and channels used is not be blamed on the US because it is the country’s money. They can decide where it goes.

“You can not be broken and also call the shots on how money is supposed is to be spent, especially in the past if you have exhibited that you can’t be trusted,” she insisted.

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