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Olive: Ugandan Potholes Can Make You Make You Jump Into Other People’s Relationships

Olive Najjuma, The co-presenter of The Fatboy Show, purported that potholes are one of the leading causes of breakups among married in Eastern Uganda.

“If you're not careful, the potholes or the holes caused by God knows who, can shock you and make you land into other people’s relationships,” she joked.

Olive and Daniel Omara, another presenter of The Fatboy Show, were commenting on the increasing cases of young marriage breakups in the Bugisu sub-region fostered by women and men leaving for jobs in nearby Kenya through porous border points and to the Middle East.

Talking about the poor roads at the Ugandan borders of Uganda and Kenya Olive, continued, “I think the ladies in Bukedi and Bugisu find themselves working in Kenya by mistake because of the potholes."

However, she noted that long-distance relationships are hard to maintain, adding that many women decide to leave their children and marriages for foreign jobs when husbands fail at their responsibilities or provide them with no support.

Daniel Omara, on the other, opined that some women leave their marriages because they are overly ambitious while others may be greedy.

Olive defended that most women leave for work in foreign countries to make a better life for their children and families, even as a few may have other intentions.

She said, “when you're growing up, you have fantasies about the future of your life. Then at 25 or 26, you realize that love/ marriage won't buy the car or whatever else you desire. So you decide to leave, and sometimes, it is because of the potholes.”

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