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Olive To Single Mothers: There Are Actually Good Men Out There Who Care For Their Children

The rising numbers of single mothers as a result of fathers deserting their responsibilities in Sub- Saharan Africa has increased to 32 percent according to GALLUP, an American advisory and analytics company.

This, according to Olive Najjuma, the Fatboy show host, doesn't mean that there aren't any good men left.Those that care and are willing to perform their duties as fathers in the home setting.

Her sentiments arose from an incident in Zambia in which a man admitted in court that he escaped from jail so as to go and take care of his children back home.

Agani Mudenda escaped from a Correctional Officer on February 18, 2021 when he took to his heels and the officer chased after him in vain.

During the trial in court, Mudenda said that he escaped from jail because he was worried about the welfare of his children. In judgement, the Magistrate thus sentenced him to six months imprisonment and hard labour that is to run concurrently with his previous sentence.

Wondering if he was really concerned about his children’s welfare, James Onen aka Fatboy reasoned that,”wouldn't it have been in Mudenda’s interest to serve his sentence fully and then move out of prison a free man to go to his children without any legal constraints?”

But his co-host Olive Najjuma responded that, “At first he was arrested for theft and we don't know why he was stealing. Probably, he was stealing to take care of his children. That doesn't excuse what he did but possibly the same reason that made him steal was the same reason that made him escape from prison.”

“There are very many single mothers or women that could spit fire when they hear the word man, but there are good men out there. There are good fathers who actually care about their children and probably this man is one of those,” she continued.

Fatboy went on to ask her if she would view it a romantic gesture if her man escaped from jail and the reason would be to take care of her and the children.

“I would be worried and live in worry knowing that maybe they are coming for him anytime. So I don't know if I would have peace. And if his crime is like petty theft, I may not call Police on him but if he was in for something bigger like murder, I would” she replied.

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