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Olive To Fatboy: For The Most Time, I thought You Were Bald Headed

During a commentary on a UK employment tribunal ruling which deemed calling a man ‘bald’ an equivalent to sexual harassment, The Fatboy Show host Olive Najjuma confessed that she thought James Onen alias Fatboy, her co-host was bald headed.

“Speaking of hair, did you know that for the most time, I thought you were bald headed? You used to keep your hair short, half the time it was shiny so I thought that and I think I wasn't the only one,” said Olive.

Fatboy, who the sentiments took by surprise narrated that the haircut was inspired by his weight as popularly done by African chubby men and thus he regrew and kept it long when he lost weight.

“I think bald heads with African men work better when we are bigger because if you're fat and then you have a lot of hair, That's why I kept the hair short and when I became smaller, I looked like a lollipop. So I decided to try out a different hairstyle and now I feel I’m more like a hair person, and you know if I have it why not rock it?” he said.

The conversation arose from a ruling in an England employment tribunal that judged calling a man bald a form of discrimination that equates to commenting on the size of a woman’s breasts.

This was after Tony Finn a former employee of the British Bung Company sued the company for among other things being a victim of sexual harassment, inducted by his supervisor Jamie King, who allegedly called him a bald cunt at the workplace.

In a panel ruling led by Judge Jonathan Brain and two other male Judges, also bald, related with the insecurity of having lost hair and overall ruled that this was related to Finn’s sex, undermined his diginity, caused an offensive environment for him and the remarks were “personal to his appearance” just as one commenting on the size of a woman’s breasts.

The ruling being in Finn’s favour is to get him compensated at a date yet to be known.

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