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Olive: There’s No Conversation Being Held On Booster Shots!

During The Fatboy Show, Presenter Olive Najjuma expressed concern towards African governments that are mandating vaccination without considering booster shots.

The subject arose from neighbouring Kenya, which is considering a directive to prevent unvaccinated citizens from accessing services such as public transport as well as government institutions of education, immigration, tax and other services, starting on 21 December 2021.

Commenting on the issue, Fatboy said that mandating vaccination is extremely unscientific, wondering why African governments are being inconsiderate to the new evidence attached to Covid-19 vaccination.

“First we know for a fact that vaccination does not prevent transmission of Covid-19, even though it has been argued that it prevents the severity of illness, hospitalization and death. This is because whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, when infected, both people will still carry the same viral load and will equally spread the virus in the community.”

Fatboy went on to add, “Secondly, in the long run, it is not effective because according to research, the best vaccine (Pfizer) with a 95% efficacy rate requires a booster shot within six months. So at what stage is one considered vaccinated because after receiving the two jabs, within six months, the vaccine antibodies wear off hence requiring a booster shot or else the person will be as good as unvaccinated.”

Olive, giving an example of Egypt as an African country with established Covid-19 mandates in place, queried why governments are failing to acknowledge booster shots and keep on pushing for vaccination alone.

“No one is having the conversation regarding the booster shots or what happens after six months. Everyone is singing about getting vaccinated, getting your second shot but not what happens after six months. Will the government then require proof of vaccination after one gets vaccinated three times but misses the fourth shot? Will they thereafter deter them from accessing public places?”

She further said that vaccination shouldn’t be forced but rather be left as a personal choice just like she would take it upon herself to get her child immunized whereas someone else may not want the same.

“I think vaccination should be encouraged as it has always been done rather than forcing people,” Fatboy added.

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