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Olive: The Video Of The Girls That Exposed Their Dad For Cheating Left A Sour Taste In My Mouth

Yesterday, a video of three girls grilling their Ugandan dad for engaging in a second affair with a side chic made rounds on social media.

The children noticed their dad was cheating through Whatsapp conversations he had had with his mistress. These included the dirty texts shared between themselves that one of the girls read out loud, expressing her disappointment as she recorded the incident.

So far, the video has received 4.8 million views on Twitter alone and has garnered a lot of attention. Olive Najjuma, the host of The Fatboy Show, says the video left a bitter taste in her mouth, as she stated the girls' actions were disrespectful.

“It doesn’t matter what your father has done. It doesn’t matter how much he has made your mother suffer. If your mother is with a cheating man, you do not disrespect your father. You don’t do that.” said Olive.

Similarly, James Onen, the co-host of the show, expressed his disappointment saying that the actions were disrespectful to shame their dad by throwing insults at him in the video.

As Olive blamed the mother, she wondered why she was involving third parties in her marriage matters. Furthermore, she criticized her for watching the kids insult their father.

Fatboy relayed that the incidents indicated a double failure in parenting and that their father allowed them to speak to him in a foul language without any reaction.

Further, he suggested that to avoid such scenarios, married couples should become more transparent with one another and maybe decide what they can or can’t handle.

“If you could sit your woman down and tell her that you can still take care of her, but there will occasionally be some others you are interested in. If she is not okay with that, then you can decide to let each other go, or she could as well buy the idea and see some people outside marriage,” Fatboy proposed.

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