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Olive: The Uganda Tourism Initiative Needs To Re-define The Concept Of 'Miss Curvy'

On Tuesday, the Minister for East African Affairs Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga announced the return of the Miss Curvy Pageant that was last held in 2019.

The beauty pageant will celebrate the bold and intelligent African women with natural endowments to enhance the visibility of curvaceous ladies.

On the Fatboy show today, Olive Najjuma said perhaps it's time that the word Miss Curvy is defined.

"Honestly speaking, there wasn't anything curvaceous in the last pageant. These women were fat and looked very unhealthy. I know a curvaceous woman when I see one and these women were not. Maybe they need to re-explain the meaning of Curvy," she said.

Similarly, her co-host James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, said he hardly understood the Miss Curvy concept.

"I saw women that were large. I don't know if they should change the name to Miss Heavy,"

Unlike the first Edition, this year's Miss Curvy pageant will include contestants from East, Central, and Southern Africa.

In her opinion, Olive said this is a way of expanding the budget for the benefit of the organizers.

More so, Fatboy surmised that Uganda will have limited chances of winning the prize because the competitions are now open to other African countries.

"Now that they have expanded the search to include South Africa… Zulu women are insanely curvaceous! I remember visiting the country in 2009, I saw a woman with a waist as small as a soda bottle and hips as big as a basket!"

He pointed to the example of Saartjie, also called Sarah Baartman, a woman from South Africa, who in the 1800s was paraded for spectation in a zoo in Europe because of her extraordinarily large buttocks and hips.

"By expanding this pageant to include neighboring and regional states, we might have done ourselves a mis-service. There might never be another Ugandan Miss Cury,” Fatboy repeated.

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