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Olive: The President May Not Have Attended His Daughter’s Wedding In Fear Of The First Lady

Assertions that President Yoweri Museveni refused to witness his daughter’s wedding Dr. Nagasha Kakishozi, born outside wedlock, have been making headlines, leaving many to speculate on whether she was his child or not.

However, the air was cleared yesterday when the President confirmed that he had attended the wedding online via Zoom, saying that it was impossible for him to miss his daughter’s wedding although connectivity was lost at the time he was supposed to deliver his speech.

Giving their opinions on the events, RX Radio’s Olive Monica Najjuma opined that the President might have kept himself out of his daughter’s wedding so as to not upset the First Lady, his wife Janet Museveni Kataaha.

“I think he didn’t want to annoy his wife. I mean it's one thing to have an affair, but to also have children, attend their functions, and publicly make it known that you are their father is something else,” she said.

The other Fatboy Show host James Onen added that the unfolding events revealed that the President did not only have children away from wedlock, but a family.

In a speech delivered by the mother of his daughter, she applauded the President for being such a good father and how his children would never ask for anything more. The President’s son Joel also extended his appreciation to his father for always being present in their lives.

Furthermore, the Presenters noted that the President’s other family’s children seemed to have more accomplished lives than his children of the recognised first family, given that Nagasha is a doctor and Joel an engineer.

“People say that for some reason, the children born out of wedlock normally turn out fine, they are usually bright and successful whereas the ones receiving undivided attention from both parents at home normally turn out as spoilt brats. I am not saying the President’s children with Janet are spoilt brats though,” Olive remarked.

Fatboy added that he could guess why. “If you’re the children belonging to the second family, you will work hard in order to attain your father’s approval because when you are part of the main family with mum and dad together, you kind of take them for granted and think that your job is to merely exist and get spoilt by your dotting parents.”

“But the President not attending his daughter’s wedding is unfortunate because he has attended the weddings of his other daughters,” he added.

However, to give credit where it's due, Fatboy praised the President for having perfect genes that manufactured beauty queens. “The man has good genes, all of his daughters are beautiful. All of his daughters regardless of their mothers are beauties. So kudos to him!” the Presenter exclaimed.

Dr. Angella Nagasha Kakishozi introduced Gen.Tumukunde’s son Amanya Tumukunde last month before walking down the aisle on February 26, 2022 at St. Namirembe’s Cathedral in a lavish wedding that attracted a number of dignitaries except President Yoweri Museveni.

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