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Olive: The Education Ministry Has Failed To Safely Reopen Schools

The Fatboy Show Presenter Olive has expressed concern over how the Ministry of Health seems to have failed to figure out a safe way of reopening schools since their closure in March 2020.

The Presenter said this duringThe Fatboy show while commenting on the President’s latest public appearance, in which he cautioned teachers and other players in the education system to stop using threats in trying to force him to reopen schools. The President insisted that saving the lives of students is the country’s priority at the moment, superseding any other claims and concerns.

This, according to Olive, indicates the incompetence of the Ministry of Education in handling its challenges as well as providing practical solutions that could help it overcome them.

“The President and his wife, who is also the Minister of Education and Sports, have failed to sustainably come up with solutions regarding a safe way to reopen schools. After two years under a lockdown, should teachers be starving and unemployed so long as they are kept alive?” Olive asked.

In addition, she said that the President was being deluded by the fact that lockdowns in schools and bars have reduced the number of fatalities. And that in reality, people know that bars and international schools have always operated, in spite of the lockdown the President claims to have imposed on them.

More so, Fatboy urged the government to review its policy regarding the closure of schools, stating that vaccination which the Ministry is mandating has been regarded by experts as a non-guarantee to protect against infection. He further explained that if the government fails to come up with a fair compromise to help people survive amidst such situations, it makes the public lose confidence in how it will be able to handle future catastrophes.

“Even if the government plans to reopen schools in January, the system has already been shattered with teachers and learners now engaged in other activities of which some won't be willing to return to schools. Furthermore, if the Government miraculously reaches its vaccination targets of 550,000 teachers, we now know that vaccines such as Pfizer, previously considered to have the highest efficacy of 95 percent, only provide protection for just six months which is why a number of countries are now encouraging their citizens to go for booster shots.”

He added, “So supposing all the teachers get vaccinated and get re- infected after six months, will that reinforce another closure because if vaccine manufacturers are emphasizing the need for a booster shot, who knows that in future we might be told to get a booster shot every six months? And when the booster shot is not gotten, that makes the whole vaccination process unsustainable since the infections will more likely be the same as in a non-vaccinated society!”

Fatboy and Olive then reprimanded the legislators for being silent about the matter, saying that It would have been used as a tool to hold the government accountable and more so help them gain political influence.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy and Olive Najjuma every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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