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Olive: The Bitterness Of NUP Members Is Painting A Bad Image For Them

The Fatboy Show Presenter Olive Najjuma has expressed her disappointment towards the members of the National Unity Platform (NUP), saying that their bitterness is painting a bad image for the party.

She said this during The Fatboy Show Thursday morning when commenting on the proposal by a section of parliamentarians led by the Bardege-Layidi MP Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, to dismiss Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake from his position on the Parliamentary Commission office, for disgracing the integrity of parliament.

During the preliminary sitting on Tuesday, Members of Parliament accused Zaake of insulting the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among after he took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction towards her reaction to his alleged torture.

In his tweet, Zaake named Among as a dishonest person who lacks intelligent prowess and one whose idiocy doesn't deserve to be in parliament. However, the tweet was deleted moments later.

“I think as leaders and as adults, attacking and abusing each other, mainly the NUP, shows that they are so bitter and always ready to attack as much as it's with words. But if they are not rising above the flame, then who will?” Olive questioned.

She concurred with James Onen aka Fatboy her Co-host who thought that although they might have valid reasons to be angry, they could instead operate under the semblance of decorum in a polite expression of ideas to avoid creating a bad reputation for themselves and the party.

“They are already looking bad,” Olive said, “If you talk to people out there, they don’t have many kind words to say about NUP leaders or even their followers and that is not good for them.”

The Parliamentary Commission set up under Article 87A of the constitution is the highest decision making board in parliament. On the set of the 11th parliament, Francis Zaake was appointed by the National Unity Platform to occupy a seat in the commission as a back bencher.

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