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Olive: The Airplane Crew Was To Blame For Selling Of Nsenene Aboard

In a video last friday, Paul Mubiru a trader was captured selling grasshoppers, a local delicacy also known as Nsenene, aboard Uganda Airlines flight 446 as other passengers boarded the Airbus leaving for Dubai.

The captured incidents made rounds on social media prompting the Ugandan Airlines to denounce the acts and promised to add the delicacy on the menu.

However, on arrival back home on Sunday 28 November, Paul Mubiru was arrested by immigration officers and handed to security agencies that allegedly whisked him away in a private vehicle. Fatboy in wonder asked Olive which crime the trader had committed and the law that he had broken.

“For me this is how I see it, the passenger was on a plane and the staff looked on as he sold grasshoppers on board, so who is wrong here, if you ask me, it's the staff,” said Olive.

The Trader in another video apologised for his actions to both the airlines and his fellow countrymen saying that the recorded video was for comedy purposes to for his TikTok account and not for transactional purposes as deemed.

Fatboy said that the trader would have sought permission from the Airline, “the proper way would have been to write to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) some weeks ago and to seek approval so that everyone up and down the chain is aware, because it was possible to receive permission.

“Like if you want to record something in a government building, you request permission formally, get approval and you are let to film on location. So if he wanted to do a skit, probably the airline would have supported him because it would even promote the airline. But doing it without consent I think exposed the Airlines as having very many flaws and gaps in its protocol,” he explained.

Nonetheless Fatboy encouraged Ugandans to support the home Airline. He said that he is yet to take a flight by one of the Airbuses for a vacation to propose to someone. But he soon dismissed the claim saying that if he was “too possessed” to do such things it would be in one of the local restaurants around town but not out the country.

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