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Olive: Spouses Should Be Introduced To Parents When A Relationship Is Solid Enough

Getting your significant other to meet with your parents can be a nervous feeling. It brings about questions of whether or not they will like your partner and how their opinions might affect or validate your relationship.

Today on The Fatboy Show, while discussing the right time to introduce your significant other to your parents, Olive Najjuma a presenter of the show opined that it should be done when both partners feel ready.

“When you introduce your partner too early to your family before the relationship is on solid ground, it won’t work out well. You need to bring in third parties at the point where both of you want and feel the same way about the decision,” she reasoned.

As a parent, she noted that her considerations for her future daughter/sons-in-law will have to do with which families they come from, and their level of education regardless of political party affiliations or tribe.

“I've seen parents that deter their children from marrying from a certain family because of its political or religious affiliations and most times the girl ends up unmarried. Meanwhile, the guy gets to marry and live a happy marriage while the lady can reach her 40’s unmarried, bitter, and sometimes without a child,” she said.

She, therefore, suggested that parents must overlook some issues and embrace the character of the person than their family’s political or religious beliefs.

Also, Pacific, a contributor to the show reasoned that meeting the parents of one’s significant other should be in a serious relationship one that is potentially aimed at marriage.

“If you're serious, the grace period should be between 6 months - 1 year. Then we expect the relationship to be intentional about marriage and not just the laissez-faire economy of trying out things to see how they’ll go,” he said.

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