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Olive: Spitting In Public Is Very Disgusting

While commenting on the new by law passed in Budaka District banning spitting and open defecation in public, The Fatboy Show Presenter Olive Najjuma has wondered why someone would spit in a public space.

In Budaka, the consistent practice of poor sanitation prompted the by-law that will now aim at educating people about the importance of observing proper hygiene and sanitation in their households.

James Onen aka Fatboy, also perplexed by the uncouth habit, questioned why one wouldn't just swallow the extra saliva unless they had a bad cough that required them to eject the sputum.

However, Olive replied “But even then, you can find a safe secluded place to spit; spitting in public is very disgusting. And then there’s urinating in public that is mainly done by your gender, it makes a place smell so bad and before you know it, you're inviting disease to the people in that area. That's why you find signs warning ‘No Urinating Here, Fine Is 500,000 shillings.”

Fatboy admittedly responded that men are the most common perpetrators of urinating in public spaces because of its convenience. However, he wondered whether the warnings marked on walls are effective in curbing the habit.

“They usually don't, although it restrains a person who abides by the law from transgression,” Olive responded.

The Secretary for Health and Education Services George Mukamba presented the law to the Budaka District Council and without objection, it was approved on Monday.

According to Mukamba, the law is consistent with section 39[1] of the Local Government Act under Cap 243 which states that an urban, sub-county, division or village council is allowed to make by-laws in line with the constitution and those passed by Parliament or ordinance of the district council or a by-law passed by the council.

The Budaka District by law now bans urinating, emptying one’s bowel or spitting in all public places within the town council.

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