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Olive: Sometimes People Decide To Change After Being Caught Cheating

One of the causes of breakups and divorces is unfaithfulness. Even though experts say a couple can emerge stronger if they work out things after one has cheated, many relationships die at the confirmation of infidelity.

On the Fatboy Show today, while answering whether cheaters can change for the good, Olive Najjuma said some people don't stop but get better at the game when caught.

"They will look out for all the ways they used to give you red flags and make them green," she said.

She added, "some people decide to change after getting caught cheating. But if you force your cheating partner to leave the other person, and everything done thereafter is not because they wanted to, they will cheat again."

Fatboy supposed that women are happier with cheaters than faithful men.

"Women are so funny, you claim to want faithful men yet you aren't ready to handle their pressures. A man in love is a possessive one. If you want a non-clingy guy, he must have somewhere else he relieves his pressure from because if you are the primary outlet for his romantic energy, it will be too much for you to handle," he argued.

Fatboy surmised that women like cheaters but do not want to openly admit it and also would like a man that cheats as long as they don't get to know about it.

Sheila, a participant on the show, said cheating is a deal breaker for her, adding that although it's possible for a person to change after cheating, it is also rare.

"Usually, when you catch someone cheating, it's not the first time they are doing it, so I wouldn't continue being with them," she said.

To her, once somebody cheats in a relationship, the trust is broken and there's no relationship without trust.

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