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Olive: Some Civilians Need Rifles To Protect Themselves

Olive Najjuma, the RX Radio presenter, seconded the Police move that will see Ugandans acquire private rifles as long as they prove threats to their lives.

The commissioner in charge of private security organizations (PSOs) and firearms, Charles Ssebambulidde, yesterday announced that people willing to acquire or hire personal firearms can now ably apply and receive them if they are willing to undergo the strenuous process.

“If the police do due diligence on why someone needs a firearm and confirms that they need protection, it's justifiable because one needs to be in a position to protect themselves in case their lives are at risk,” she said.

James Onen added that most times Police take a long time to arrive at crime scenes thus, the need for an urgent kind of protection.

Olive added that besides risking property, some people are moving targets with their lives in constant risk of danger. “Some people have been killed from their homes with nothing taken, and these are not politicians,” she said.

The presenters supported the possession of a firearm as one of the most effective ways people at risk will protect themselves such as security guard dogs.

Charles Ssebambulidde said that a person has to prove threats to their safety before being issued a firearm. And if the team suspects some shadiness, it carries out investigations that might involve retrieving the weapon even if it was already purchased.

According to Ssebambulidde, the gun acquisition process will start with buying a 50,000 shillings (PF) 98 police form. Details of the applicant will be filled in and submitted to the IGP through the commissioner of Police in charge of private security and firearms.

However, Ssebambulidde did not mention the period within which the applicant has to wait before they can acquire a personal gun.

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