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Olive: Sexual Incompetence Is A Deal Breaker For Me

Different people have different deal-breakers in a relationship ranging from cheating, poor communication, physical or emotional abuse, and poverty, among other issues.

But to Olive Najjuma, The Fatboy Show presenter on RX Radio, although there are some things she can tolerate in a relationship, physical, emotional violence, and sexual incompetence are not part of them.

“If we try for the first time and you're inadequate, that's it. I’m not looking for a stallion in the bedroom, but you have to be able to deliver to a certain degree,” she said.

James Onen, another co-presenter of the show widely known as Fatboy, argued that he likes to view a relationship with a positive perspective because people are imperfect, and focusing on their flaws alone can make everything about them a deal-breaker.

He was therefore surprised by how emphatic some women are in regards to sexual experience and how it is a deal-breaker for them in relationships.

“Personally, it's not even a thing I would focus on, even if she was below average sexually, like the most she can do is to lie back and just lay still, am good. Because I value other things more in a relationship like contribution to my productivity, the support she offers to my endeavors, does she do her motherly responsibilities and not argue with me all the time? For me, that would rate higher than all the gymnastics she may or may not be able to do in bed,” Fatboy said.

But Olive relayed that a woman can perform below average and the activity still takes place, but when a man is impotent, the experience is quite different.

“When some women put emphasis on sex, it's not because we are looking for a stallion or a guy that will last for hours, but there are things men come with that we don't," Olived asserted

"Some men are impotent. What am I going to be doing with a man that is impotent? Why? If I've known that from the beginning, why would I stay? Because when a man is impotent, he can't even do anything,” she added.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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