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Olive: Princess Komuntale Wouldn’t Be The First To Have A Failed Marriage

The Fatboy Show presenter Olive Najjuma has defended Princess of Tooro Kingdom Ruth Komuntale, saying that she will not be the first to fail at marriage.

Following numerous rumours about the Princess wanting a divorce, it was alleged that she recently packed her belongings from her marital home in Texas, USA and returned to stay with her mother at the Tooro Kingdom palace.

However, the Princess recently opened up about the allegations on her social media and left many unanswered questions when she wrote; “As the month soon comes to an end & we welcome a beautiful November, I am reminded of just how much hate there is in this world, but there is also so much love.The more hate I see, the more I am reminded to spread love everywhere I go & treat everyone with kindness. You just never know what a person is going through. Spreading love & light to you all.”

Though the message has not cleared up the unfounded rumours, it has left many contemplating why her marriage would end in such a short period of time.

“Marriage in itself is hard, so she is probably going through something. Even if that marriage is to fail, it's okay because she wouldn't be the first. We cannot blame the failure of marriage on a woman just like we can't do the same to a man,” Olive protested.

Daniel, her co-host, drove his attention to the wedding ceremony, wondering what could have possibly gone wrong especially since the wedding was fanciful and expensive.

Princess Ruth Komuntale got married to Phil Anthony in May 2021 in Texas, USA after the couple got engaged in 2019. However, if the allegations are confirmed, this will be the Princess’ second futile marriage following her divorce to ex-husband Christopher Thomas in 2013.

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