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Olive: People Should Have Sex Before Marriage To Test If Each Partner’s Things Work

On the question of whether or not couples should engage in lovemaking before marriage, Olive Najjuma opined that this has to be on the to-do list, just to check if the objects function well.

“I think people should have sex before they get married. It's like buying a car, you need to test drive it to know that everything is in order,” she said.

Olive added that it is crucial to have the functionality of the organs tested because it helps the partner(s) make an informed decision before choosing a lifetime commitment with each other.

Fatboy disagreed with her by saying that if one chooses to love and care for the other, sex won't be a deal-breaker.

“If I had to choose a life partner, sex would not rank high on that list. Because there aren't any other interesting and exciting things to do in life. I know some people may say, my game is weak and it's why I am saying this, or that I may have a low drive or be impotent. But I think I function fairly well. But when it comes to a partner with whom to build a family, a legacy, I find the argument so inconsequential.”

He argued that whether or not a couple has sex before or after marriage, there reaches a point where it becomes boring and that having it before commitment even increases the chances. In cases of sexual dysfunction, he opined that most people solve this by outsourcing.

Olive insisted on the otherwise by saying that if a couple finds the sex boring, they can take steps to improve it in the due course of the marriage. She continued that outsourcing is no solution either because the odds favor men most of the time.

“Men outsource, and women cheat too, but when they cheat, the odds are not in their favor. I can find out that my husband is cheating and I will probably stay. How many men stay when their wives step out? So that can't be a guarantee. You cant settle for something big as a three-year-old’s and say that you’ll outsource.”

To Olive, sex before marriage may be taboo for the religious, but for the purpose of informed decisions, she held that couples should get intimate before they commit.

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