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Olive: Parents Need To Be Available For Their Children As Much As They Can

Following the death of 14year old Arafat Kasule, a primary four pupil at Kabira UMEA primary school in Mpigi district, Olive Najjuma has advised parents to spend quality time with their children.

"As a parent, try to be available for your children as much as possible. It doesn’t mean throwing money at them or providing them with all they need. Try to bond and understand them,” she advised.

As a parent, Olive said she has learnt that her children such as her 14-year-old son values their quality time. To her, parents can only learn about the events in their children's lives if they spend that time with them.

"We need to change from the culture of praying for everything. Sometimes children need therapy. They may be going through things they can't disclose to you as a parent. When it gets to that point, you shouldn't shun therapy and say it is for white people."

Police investigations indicate that pressure on academic performance, behaving responsibly and the pressure to fit into society has increased rates of depression and suicide among teenagers.

As such, police spokesperson Fred Enanga encouraged parents to watch out for psychological disorders in their children such as depression, drug abuse, feelings of distress, hopelessness, lack of support network, poor relationship with parents, and unsupportive family.

Further, Police revealed that teenage suicides have exacerbated since the pandemic. In 2022 alone, Kasule's death made the 10th suicide case among teens under 15.

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