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Olive Najjuma to Ugandans: Don’t politicise every prominent death

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has asked Ugandans to respect the family and friends of the late Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga and not cause them anymore pain with speculation on what killed him.

Archbishop Lwanga died on Saturday while in his house. A post-mortem report from Mulago hospital has shown that the Man of God died of a heart attack.

There has been speculation on social media over what killed the late Archbishop with some users claiming he could have been killed because he was allegedly vocal and spoke against the recent arrests of opposition supporters and the brutality of security agencies.

While on Wednesday’s Show, Olive Najjuma noted that it was uncool of Ugandans to speculate on the cause of death yet they had no evidence to show that he was killed.

“In Uganda its as if prominent and largely admired people are not supposed to die, Ugandans love to create conspiracy theories whenever a person of great repute passes on. Even if it’s proved that the person died of natural causes, they will still concoct stories about that death,” She said.

James Onen, a co-host of the show noted that what is important in such a tragedy is to commiserate with the family of the deceased and to give them the needed support.

“Death is normal. Everyone of us is going to die and life will go on for others. We sympathise with the archbishop’s family and the catholic church for the loss but lets not turn this death into a reason to divide this country even further,” Fatboy said during Wednesday’s The Fatboy Show.

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