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Olive: My Bad Habit As A Single Person Is Staying In Bed For Extended Hours

People decide to stay single for various reasons, such as enjoying their own company, adjusting to a new life after a long-term relationship, some not being ready to commit to new partners, and others because they are figuring out the right partner for themselves.

However, people who get used to being single for too long tend to adopt bad habits that may ruin their chances at long/ meaningful relationships.

Today on the Fatboy Show, while discussing the bad habits the presenters (Fatboy and Olive) have learned from staying single, Olive Najjuma mentioned that hers is staying in bed for longer periods.

“The bad habit I have is staying in bed as long as I want. Men seem to want a woman who wakes up earlier, at most by 8 a.m. And then there is me who could be in bed at 10 a.m, and he could wonder what woman I am,” she explained.

Fatboy, on the other hand, said his bad habits that could potentially jeopardize his relationship is leaving the toilet seat up and being somewhat disorganized.

He also added, “as a guy, you may want to have friends over, drinking, playing video games, and not a lot of women will like you playing video games.”

He mentioned the aspect of accountability, which is hard for most people to cope with when they get someone else in their life.

In agreement with Fatboy, Olive mentioned that being accountable can be a challenge for her when she gets into a relationship.

“For instance, I like doing certain things. I like attending quizzes on Tuesdays, I have days when friends suggest we go for a live band. I don't have to seek permission from anyone to do things I like to call my life. With that, I will have a boyfriend who will be uncomfortable,” she said.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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