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Olive: MPs Earn Enough To Take Care Of Their Children Sired Outside Wedlock

With a number of women flocking her office every now and then, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among on Wednesday said that she has gotten tired of counselling women who come to her seeking help, after being impregnated and dumped by Members of Parliament.

During the day’s preliminary proceedings, Among asked MPs who sire children outside marriage to take care of their children or else she would be compelled to name them.

Fatboy wondered whether the Deputy Speaker should be taking such an aggressive stance given that the women also got intimate with the MPs willingly. However, Olive, his co-host, said that MPs must take responsibility for their actions mainly because they are able to, and in this case the Deputy Speaker is acting as a mouthpiece for the aggrieved mothers.

“These are some of the moments when it is important to have women in positions of leadership. Maybe if they add their voice to speak on behalf of these voiceless women, then these men will act,” Olive advised.

She added, “Imagine an MP earns about Ugx25 million; without mentioning all the other allowances they get. And when they sire children they refuse, not because they can’t, but they just refuse to take care of these children!”

However, Fatboy disagreed with exposing the MPs names, asking for how long it would be a solution to the problem, and how the Deputy Speaker would confirm that a child actually belongs to a certain MP.

“It could be that these women are just claiming it and it may not even be true,” he said to Olive who responded, “ Yeah there’s a danger of that but men know the women they sleep with. If you are summoned to the Deputy Speaker’s office and you find Olive holding a baby, you will definitely be shocked but deep within believe that the baby could be yours.”

“They need to respect themselves, if they feel like they want to have fun and don’t want to take care of children, let them just wear a condom,” she added.

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