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Olive: Most Of The Trucks Killing People Are Not Supposed To Be On The Road


Uganda is still registering accidents and road crashes, many involving car trucks that hardly leave victims alive.

Belinda Birungi, the daughter of State Minister for Lands, Sam Mayanja, died in a crash last Friday when a trailer lost momentum on Stretcher road and reversed into the deceased who was riding a motorcycle.

In the same line of events, a Fuso truck driver last Saturday was intercepted and arrested in Nateete after he knocked down two traffic officers riding on a motorcycle in Bwaise, killing one and leaving the other with injuries.

In their reaction to the tragic events, James Onen, aka Fatboy, advised road users, especially motorcycle passengers, to dictate how they want to be ridden by the motorcyclist.

“I normally tell my Boda guys to keep safe distances from cars. Boda riders like riding bumper to bumper with vehicles ahead, yet the car ahead can brake anytime, especially taxis that break at any point,” Fatboy said.

His Co-host Olive Najjuma agreed to say that it is safer to keep a safe distance from vehicles to prevent fatal events that may occur. She expressed concern over how truck drivers drive without carrying out maintenance checks on their vehicles, in addition to being unqualified.

Olive added, “ most of these trucks are DMCs and are not supposed to be on the road. You find an old truck filled with sand and bricks. If anything happens and it gets overpowered by the load, the pedestrians or other road users suffer the consequences.”

According to the 2021 Uganda Police Annual Crime Report, the number of crashes in 2020 increased by 42 percent from 12,249 to 17,443 in 2021. Over 3,000 crashes were fatal, whereas 4,616 survived with minor injuries. The report indicated that Uganda loses about 10 people to road crashes daily.

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