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Olive: Most Men Shy Away From The ‘We Need To Talk’ Statement

What comes to mind when your partner says ‘We need to talk?’ Most people, especially men, panic at the question because they presume an uncomfortable conversation that they aren’t ready to have with their partners.

According to Olive, the statement is usually a call to iron out the issues at stake in the relationship, yet most men are not open to having such conversations.

“The reason why most men shy away from the ‘We Need To Talk’ statement is because they would rather push the issues brought up under the carpet and not talk about them,” said Olive.

She explained that many men aren’t always willing to face the 'We Need To Talk' statement because it involves uncomfortable conversations like; “Who are we? And What Are We?

Unlike the above, Fatboy revealed that whenever he was told the We Need To Talk statement, he always ended up getting dumped.

Priscillah, a contributor on the show, admitted that the statement is scary. Whenever she used it, she was emphasizing something in a way that her partner understood it positively.

However, she also discerned that the statement has a negative connotation. It freaks out men. She, therefore, advised that it's better to have a direct conversation with the person without using it.

We need to talk is not a nice sentence because it causes one’s heart to race. Women do not have to use it. They should just get to the conversation because using it is like telling the man to put on his protective gadgets and become defensive. It is like telling a man to get ready for what you’re going to say,” Priscillah said.

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