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Olive: Most Men Don’t Attach Feelings To Sex

In a discussion on whether sex and feelings are inextricably a prerequisite for a wonderful sexual experience, Olive Najjuma, a presenter of The Fatboy Show said the two are indispensable to women.

“When it comes to women, most will have sex where their feelings are invested which is different with men. A woman may not be deeply in love with the other person, but there has to be some semblance of attraction to them and something deeper than lust,” she said.

“But for most men, feelings don’t matter. That is why a man can sleep with different girls and not be attached to any but stick to his wife at home and be deeply in love with her.”

On the contrary, James Onen aka Fatboy said men can have feelings for several women, unlike women. He argued that men could be attracted to different aspects of different women, which is why polygamy worked in the traditional days.

However, Olive still argued otherwise saying, a man can’t balance his feelings for all of the women he may have. “men crave an emotional connection but not with every sexual encounter,” Olive said.

“Men have over time said they can sleep with a woman without any feelings for her, leave money on the side table and never look back. When some woman gets their clothes off, they start imagining themselves in a broader spectrum with the person,” Olive said.

Peter, a caller on the show agreed that men can have sex with women for their sexual satisfaction.

“At the end of the day, it's having someone who can allow you to have a release. Actually, the release with a woman you have no strings attached to is better because you know that you don’t have any attachment with her thereafter,” said Peter.

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