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Olive: Men Should Go For Antenatal Visits With Their Baby Mamas

In preparation of mothers for child birth, baby daddies in Rwanda are now mandated to take on the visits with the mothers to be.

The visits are meant to protect the health of women and their unborn babies by learning about healthy behaviors during pregnancy, while receiving checkups and treatments to ensure the wellness of the mother and baby.

The Fatboy Show presenter, Olive Najjuma, also a mother of three said that antenatal visits with men should be made mandatory given the support it provides both socially and emotionally.

“Men should go for antenatal services with their baby mamas or wives because when a woman is pregnant, she is hormonal. She can easily cry or break down and him just sitting with you in the doctor's office makes you feel comfortable,” said Olive.

“But away from the sentimental part of it, she continued, “When some women get pregnant, they get what is called a weak cervix, where they can even seal the cervix by stitching it to avoid losing the baby. So if the man is aware of why, he won’t force himself on the woman to have intercorse with her.”

Fatboy, having heard about stitching the cervix however, seemed not to have known that it meant a ‘no go area’ and in his surprise said, “Oh no! Side chics where are you? Come here.”

Olive continued that a lot of complications come up during pregnancy but if the father-to-be is aware, he may direct more moral support, and reduce expectations from the woman during pregnancy.

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