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Olive: Married Men Have Got Many Single women Out Of Poverty Than Any Government Initiatives Have

Over the years, the government has drafted strategies and action plans to fight poverty among its citizens. Among the strategies is investing in different SACCOS for people to earn a living.

But have these government initiatives helped reduce poverty, especially among single women and mothers struggling to support their children?

On the Fatboy Show today, Olive Najjuma admitted that more affluent married men have gotten many single women out of poverty than government initiatives.

She said many married men marry the women that are available and willing to settle, not because they are the women they adore.

She admitted that married men have got many more women out of poverty than the government. “Like seriously, what has the Ministry of Gender done for women?” Olive inquired.

Her co-host James Onen claimed that life is unfair and perhaps if he had a ring on his finger he wouldn’t be neglected by most women.

“I feel that if I had a ring on my finger, I would just be swimming in babes. Now I am being ignored and neglected. It is like I am off the market and undesirable. I am sure if I had a ring, that would change overnight. The ring would become a magnet. Why is that? He asked Olive.

Speaking as a single mum, Olive said many single women are attracted to married men because they understand responsibility more than single men.

“A married man understands the needs of a single mum much better than a single man because if I tell you that my child needs school fees, as a married man with kids, you will understand how that destabilizes someone, and you are inclined to help, and the same goes for rent. When you see a married man, you think he is responsible, has a steady job, and has his life together,” said Olive.

Fatboy asked Olive whether married men should be applauded for their role in getting single women out of poverty. Olive said that getting side chics wouldn’t be wrong if married men do not dump the responsibilities of taking care of their families.

“When some married men start taking care of side chics, they forget about their main wives. He comes home in the morning because he has been with the side chic the whole night, he doesn’t see the kids anymore, and some stop taking care of their children to look after the ones for the side chic. Now when a married man fails to balance it, that is when it even becomes worse than cheating,” she argued.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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