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Olive: Mao is seeking relevance with his statements against the government

Following Nobert Mao's statements about the agreement signed with President Museveni, Olive Najjuma, The Fatboy Show presenter, believes that the Justice Minister and DP President Nobert Mao is trying to keep relevant after crossing to the NRM government.

On July 27, 2022, Nobert Mao was sworn in as the 18th Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, making him part of the NRM government as its cabinet minister.

Surprisingly, in an interview with local television, the Minister said all efforts should be diverted to remove president Museveni from power even if it means destroying Uganda in the process.

Stunned by his remarks, Olive said Mao is trying to forge ways of keeping relevant as a member of the opposition serving in the ruling government.

“The things Mao is saying about transition, it seems he is trying too hard to stay relevant to show that he is still opposition, but he is not. At one moment, he is praising President Museveni, and then, he is saying, ‘we should remove him by all means. He thinks the public is gullible to believe him,” said Olive.

Mao also said that the people talking about the agreement he made with NRM on social media had never been in support of it from the start but were searching for an excuse to magnify their prejudice and inbuilt bias.

He, therefore, pleaded with Ugandans to disregard his fate saying the country will remain long before the dignitaries.

In response to his defense, Olive said the Justice Minister seems to be justifying his move. “It is okay to work with the ruling government, but we know that in Uganda, the minute you sign on something with the ruling government, you become one of them.”

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