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Olive: Many Ugandan Couples Need Therapy

Many people stay in toxic relationships hoping that their partners will change and given how society normalizes abusive and toxic behavior, some hardly notice they are in toxic relationships.

According to Olive, sometimes, people are raised in toxic environments, and even when they get into a toxic relationship, toxicity feels normal.

Sometimes when people are used to chaos and have not healed from it, they will stay in toxic cycles," she said.

“I remember as a teenager, we had a friend with an abusive boyfriend that would beat her. When she became an adult, she married a gentle guy but she confessed that sometimes she misses her ex-boyfriend’s possessiveness," Olive said.

She, therefore, argued that Ugandans and people in relationships need to seek therapy as a way of getting over toxic obsessions and toxic behaviors.

"Many couples need therapy from toxic relationships. Some women believe love is having a possessive guy. And it gets worse because some think that if a man doesn't beat you, he doesn't love you enough, which is sick." Olive added.

Similarly, another contributor to the show called Kristi said sometimes people are so used to toxicity that they don't consciously recognize it in a relationship.

"Sometimes people don't realize they are in a toxic relationship unless they get hurt physically. Ugandans need therapy because most of the trauma they carry may have stemmed from their childhood. Setting themselves straight would require professional help," she surmised.

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